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Thrilling to play

Skyball is a sport with nonstop action. Player is a intense and players must watch, prepare, and act throughout the contest. Few sports are as challenging to play as Skyball.

Addictive to watch

Skyball is the epitome of sports entertainment. The action is nonstop and gripping. The strategies are complex and as they play out fans .. just .. can’t .. stop .. watching.

Our Players & Volunteers

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Nick Paterson

Support Staff

Alicia Anderson


Michael Clark


Stacy Henderson



What people are saying …

I LOVE Skyball. After my first game I was hooked! It takes all of my concentration and energy to play. I want to get better.

Sarah Anderson

I told all my friends about Skyball because its so great to play.

George Flavius

I’ve played lots of different sports but Skyball is amazing. I learn something every time I play.

Peter Oliver